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DeFi protocol player Struct Finance raises $3.9-M from 24 investors

Free Press Journal  

DeFi protocol Struct Finance has raised USD 3.9 million in seed round to develop the tools that will allow the ecosystem to customise, compose, and invest in decentralised structured products. Struct Finance will use the fresh capital to build out the tools for institutions to customise their interest rate products and compose them with options to construct structured products that are better suited to the profiles of different investors. A total of 24 companies have taken part in the funding round for Struct Finance. These are: Antler, Arcanum Capital, Assymetries Technologies, Avalaunch, AVentures Dao, Bison Fund, Bixin Ventures, Blizzard Fund, Double Peak, FBG Capital, Finality Capital Partners, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Keychain Capital, Lancer Capital, Lucidblue, MC Ventures, QCP Capital, SCC Investments, Skyvision Capital, Spark Digital, Wintermute, Woodstock, Zokyo, and 0xVentures.

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