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PE-VC investments decline 8% to $6.2 B in Q1'24

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Private Equity - Venture Capital (PE-VC) firms invested over $6.2 Billion (across 205 deals) in Indian companies during the first three months of 2024, shows data from Venture Intelligence. (Note: These figures exclude PE investments in Real Estate). The investment amount represents a 8% fall over the $6.7 Billion (across 242 deals) invested in the same period during 2023 and also down by 6% when compared to the immediate previous quarter (which witnessed $6.6 Billion being invested across 200 deals). Deal volumes in Q1'24 also declined 15% compared to Q1'23 and were down by 2% compared to the immediate previous quarter.Q1’24 witnessed 8 mega deals ($100 M+ rounds) worth $3.5 Billion, compared to 17 such investments (worth $3.6 Billion) in Q1’23 and 15 such deals (worth $4.1 Billion) in the immediate previous quarter.The largest investment in Q1’24 was the $2 Billion acquisition of the Indian business of telecom Infrastructure provider American Tower Corporation (ATC) by Brookfield. Other top investments during the period included GIC’s $500 million investment in power transmission firm Sterlite Power Transmission and Multiples PE & Advent International’s $233 million investment in Svatantra Microfin. This was followed by NIIF’s majority stake acquisition in wireless communications company iBus for $200 million.Led by the $2 Billion acquisition of the ATC-Brookfield deal, Telecom emerged as the top industry attracting PE-VC investments in Q1’24.Click Here to read the full press release, including graphs and the table of top deals.Venture Intelligence Subscribers will receive detailed reports over the next few days.

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